What is CL Native?

Console Launcher Native is a free, upcoming update to Console Launcher that completely overhauls your gaming experience. CL was rewritten from scratch with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose to take advantage of modern Android features and improve performance. CL loads faster, runs faster, and works better than ever before.

New Features

Shortcut Support

CL now supports creating shortcuts from other apps. Easily create shortcuts to your favorite games from within emulators that support shortcuts.

Customize Shortcuts Easily

Easily change the titles, icons, and banners for any app or shortcut.

Tailor Your Experience

Don't want your business apps getting in the way of your fun? Easily hide certain kinds of apps for a more seamless and customizable experience.

Controller Updates

Change button prompts from ABXY to shapes with the flick of a switch in the settings menu. Remap buttons easily using the settings menu.

Material 3

Console Launcher now uses Material 3 theming to use the colors from your wallpaper in-app for a consistent experience. App icons with custom colors will also be supported in the newest versions of Android!